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LightShields screenshot

A space-themed 2-player shooter for the Nintendo Entertainment System, submitted to the 2017 NesDev Coding Competition. Each player controls one spaceship and one light shield. Use your shield to deflect your opponent’s bullets back at them, but don’t let your own shield get in the way of your killshot!

Special thanks to Pitfall for the title music, and to Stephen Hutchins for help with the art and animation!


LightShields.nes - Play it in your favorite NES emulator, or try it out on real hardware!


  • A: Fire a bullet
  • B: Hold your shield stationary
  • D-pad: Move your ship
  • Start: Begin the game or respawn
  • Select: Choose a menu option

Tips & Tricks

  • Shield mode gives both players their own shield to control, while Open mode has a single shield that neither player control.
  • You can only fire one bullet at a time, so aim carefully.
  • Your shield will follow your ship slowly. Using the B button to hold it still will let you peek around it for a quicker shot.
  • When you shoot a shield, it will disintegrate for one second, letting you temporarily shoot through it without bouncing.