Here’s a peak at my first NES game, LightShields. Originally called Spong (a portmanteau of Space and Pong), the game is a space-themed shooter that pits two players against eachother in a very bouncy battle.

Being my first game for the NES, I’ve been using it as a learning experience. Here’s a screenshot of the game’s crude origins:

Spong origins

As you can see, it doesn’t seem like much of a game.

But with time, it turned into something much more polished, with improved graphics for the ships and shields, a modified life-counter, and a more detailed background:

LightShields improved

Soon came some nice animations. Here’s a GIF of what a little gameplay looks like now:

LightShields gameplay

There are still many improvements to be made before the January deadline for submission to the NesDev competition. Some catchy battle music will give the game a little more character. Plus, a new title screen and menu will make the game feel much more polished.